Home décor – Keeping it simple

Many people get overwhelmed when they see how much of a choice there is inx354-q80 home décor and home design. And indeed, options are endless, but that should represent freedom rather than limit in decoration of your rooms. Here at Elegant DSL Décor I will try to show you that home décor is rather simple and not complicated as you have been told
before. I will tell you some rather simple tips from which you can develop your own home décor idea.
You can mix patterns and textures to create beautiful effect without much thought, by only following one rule, keeping to a simple color palette. There shouldn’t be too many colors or too many different designs, but if you use white couch then turquoise pillows will do wonders.

271cddac5018d596b326d602bf850685A lot of people avoid bright colors in their rooms because they look strange. Well, too much of one color is bad, but the right amount of it, for example, coral with gilded accent pieces, will create refreshing feeling in a room. Rooms with bright colors should have a lot of light, and those bright colors must be the opposite of total white that should dominate walls.

Some people like rustic, vintage look of their home, some don’t. And a lot of people go full vintage; and replace all of the furniture with vintage items which is appealing for only a small minority of people. But you can give your modern room small portion of rustic appeal by placing one vintage dresser in it, a beam or two at the ceiling and small vintage table to compliment that all. The room will still be full of modern pieces, but a rustic appeal will radiate from it due to few vintage pieces.

People don’t understand the effect of art in a room. Randomly places pictures will fail to achieve the effect, but neatly organized works of the same artist will create a gorgeous gallery out of your living room. Black and white color pattern will never go out of fashion when it comes to home décor. But moderation is necessary to create the right décor. White color should be dominant and black pieces should take very small portion of the room. For example, black table, few black pillows, and several black frames against full whiteness of everything else will create ultra-modern décor of a room.


Gold and pink accessories against white background will create a room that screams woman. But this scream isn’t il_214x170.806011176_q6cbtoo strong, as in full pink walls-an abomination that can be found in some homes. Several pink items that are complimented with gold threading against white walls and furniture will shatter the emptiness of only white color.
Lively design is something you should be careful around. If you overdo your home it will look childish, and if you don’t do it well it will just be a room filled with random patterns and colors. With this décor I can only say that you should use white background, golden accessories and lightly green furniture with interesting, but not too extravagant, patterns.